Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded advertising and media company.

Mobiquity Technologies is the holding company for two subsidiaries (Advangelists and Mobiquity Networks), each providing programmatic marketing technology and trade desk services:

The Advangelists subsidiary provides a fully integrated programmatic advertising Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology allowing advertisers to deliver highly targeted digital advertising at scale.

Advangelists is easy to use and includes all the necessary tools required to run a successful digital ad campaign concluding in leading technology for brands, agencies and programmatic trade desks. Advangelists is sold as a PaaS license model.

Mobiquity Networks was an early pioneer of mobile and location marketing. As such, Mobiquity Networks builds and maintains the world’s largest POI (Points of Interest) location data base.

The exclusive database contains over 5.5 Million unique polygons (not GPS coordinates) that define commercial, industry and public locations to the roof line, property line or physical area. Included are 4,000 different retail chains advertisers can use to target.

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Founded in 1998, the company trades under stock ticker: MOBQ  Click here for Investor Relations

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