Black Friday 2019 Report

Black Friday 2019 Report

Below are the top performing retail categories by foot traffic as observed by Mobiquity Technologies during Black Friday and Small Business Saturday 2019.

Margin of error: +/- 6%; Categories may observe varied results

Mobiquity tracks over 200 categories.  Categories represented in the table above include those with percent lifts of greater than 5% over average Friday or Saturday baselines at statistical significance.

Included within each category are over 4000 individual retail chain locations.  Target and Walmart stores were highlighted for demonstrative purposes.

This data is reflective of retail foot traffic as measured by Mobiquity Technologies POI database that includes over 5.5 Million unique polygons. Data above does not reflect actual sales, purchases or revenue numbers.

Baseline numbers are created by identifying average traffic over several similar days to extrapolate standards for usual foot traffic behavior. The percent lift number correlates to the delta between the observed day and the average Friday or Saturday respectively.

How brands use this data:

The POI data is used by Mobiquity clients as indicators of foot traffic to physical locations.  This data allows brands and marketers to better understand the size and characteristics of audiences who visit these locations and can be further attributed to advertising campaign exposure.

Other use cases include marketers seeking to better measure their digital transformation efforts by understanding the interactions between digital, physical, eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail destinations, or to measure promotional events and sponsorships.

A full taxonomy of categories and retail locations can be requested at