Our Team

Dean Julia


A Hofstra University grad, Dean has deep experience in early-stage funding of technology & life sciences businesses. Dean co-founded Mobiquity after a successful career in the finance industry, where he was involved in the funding of numerous startup ventures.


Paul Bauersfeld


Paul brings over 20 years of executive IT experience spanning venture capital and Fortune 100 companies. An engineering graduate from RIT, Paul has participated as either founder or advisor in a number of IT startups that realized successful exits.


Sean McDonnell


Sean has been a CPA for nearly 25 years following graduation from Dowling University. As a private practitioner, he helped numerous companies manage growth and acquire financing, and has been guiding Mobiquity since 2005.


Sean Trepeta


Sean's dynamic telecommunications career began in sales leadership, and ultimately led to co-founding a major telecom reseller organization culminating a successful exit via acquisition in 2006. A SUNY Cortland grad, Sean has co-founded and advised a number of technology-based startups.





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